Fun Beyond The Board In Surfers Paradise

It's hard to believe that Surfer’s Paradise was named after a hotel because this Gold Coast city is indeed a paradise for surfers. Surfers Paradise lives up to its name with its summer vibes all year round, waves that just keep rollin', and a surf scene that's as welcoming to newbies as it is to seasoned pros. But surprise, surprise! There are more fun things to do in Surfers Paradise beyond riding the waves. Hop on, we will tell ya what they are based on where your interests lie!

For The Action Junkies

Let us take you to the waters! No, no, not for surfing. As you may already know, Surfers Paradise river cruises are a great way to experience the city from the waters. If you wish to blend a little bit of heart pounding adventure with your sightseeing experience, a jet boat ride in Surfers Paradise is the way to go! With thrilling spins and power slides, these boats are extremely fun and safe for thrill-seekers of all age groups!

jet boat ride in surfers paradise

And, do not forget the absolute fun that Surfers Paradise theme parks offer!  If you are a roller coaster enthusiast, you’ve got to visit Dreamworld, Australia’s largest theme park for some incredibly exciting rides, but if making marine friends is more your thing, Sea World is the place to be. Trust us, the fun never ends! There are plenty of  theme parks in and around Surfers Paradise that offer a wide range of entertainment and activities!

For The Curious Minds

Hello, we see you are the owner of a curious mind. Well, make sure you hold onto it tight because here is a museum that is capable of blowing your mind. You may have heard about Ripley's Believe It or Not, or even read the books, but now is the perfect time to finally experience the intriguing, disturbing, and astonishing wonders of Ripley's Believe It or Not firsthand. Like they say, what you see here should indeed be seen to believe! From their peculiar collection of artefacts to their wonderful immersive adventures (read: experiencing what happens to your body in space and the like), we promise you they have so many mind-boggling surprises in store for you!

And speaking of mind-boggling experiences, here is your chance to meet your favourite celebrities in person. Uhm, not in flesh and bones, more like in wax. The Wax Museum Gold Coast is one of the oldest Surfers Paradise attractions. If you are brave enough, do check out their ‘Chamber Of Horrors’ that features the various torture methods from all over the world! It is not for the faint hearted, let us tell you that!

For The Fun Lovers

Timezone is the best entertainment centre in town! A totally cool spot where adults get a chance to embrace the kid in them and the kids, well, the kids get to be themselves. Here you will find all the latest game arcades, over 300 of them! Glow in the dark mini golf, mini bowling, bumper cars, VR rides, laser tags – you name it, they have it. That is not even the best part! There is a huge winner’s vault that allows you to redeem your hard-earned powertickets with some amazing prizes! Timezone is not just about play, you can also shop and dine here! If you're in the mood for more immersive fun, head to Infinity.

When we say Infinity is going to be one of the most spectacular and futuristic experiences of your life, we mean it. Walk into 20 immersive multi-sensory play environments, each meticulously designed with unique special effects, atmospheric soundscapes, groovy beats, and mind-bending illusions to engage all your senses in a truly exceptional way. A good time is guaranteed!

Now you know Surfers Paradise is not one just for surfers. No wonder this city is one of the best Gold Coast attractions; it has something spectacular in store for everyone! So, come and explore the wonders of Surfers Paradise beyond its legendary waves, and create memories that will last a lifetime!