Cheers To A Crabby Kinda Day On Tweed River

As the title suggests, this blog is all about enjoying a crabby kinda day on Tweed River. Take that frown off your face, you are going to love this ‘crab’by day. We promise it's the good kind– with lots of giggles, adventure, and never ending fun with nature. You can even catch a crab! So, buckle up your claws…er your sandals!

The Breathtaking Tweed River

Tweed River in Gold Coast

The Tweed River is a swift and perfect remedy for the urban jungle blues. It won’t take you two minutes to fall in love with the river and its surroundings. The lush greenery will snatch your worries away in the blink of an eye. And the river? It's so serene, you'll feel like you've stepped into a realm of perfect peace! 
Tweed River’s healthy ecosystem is home to a wide variety of species. The mangrove forests especially serve as a nursery for many fish and crustaceans.

The river opens up a lot of opportunities for nature enthusiasts! Whether you want to put on your "serious" hat as a birdwatcher, turn into a botanist, or simply unleash your curious inner child, there are wonders waiting to be discovered. Tweed eco cruises are just perfect to enjoy the unparalleled  bounty of nature here.

Now, on to your soon-to-be-favourite crabby activities!

Crab A Lot Of Fun

Hop on a Tweed River cruise and enjoy crab catching! This is one of the coolest Gold Coast attractions and it is as exciting as it sounds.

crab catching on tweed eco cruise

If you think all the crabs are the same, you are wrong. A good crab-whisperer should get their crabs right. So, let us introduce you to the clawed-friends you might come across in Tweed River.

Mud Crabs - These are the stars of Tweed River. They might look a little scary but they are delicious when prepared just right. Oh and be careful of their mighty claws. They can deliver quite a pinch. Don’t worry, your onboard guide will make sure you don’t get pinched.

Spanner Crabs - Ah, the Aussie pride! Spanner crabs are highly sought after by crab connoisseurs for their sweet, succulent meat – great for a mean sandwich or heavenly pasta. Spanner crabs are known for their long, spindly legs, which might remind you of a spider (But yummy ones, we promise).

Sand Crabs - If there were a "Best-Dressed Crab" competition, sand crabs would undoubtedly win the title. Their striking blue colour makes them stand out. The Blue Manna Crabs, as they are colloquially known, are prized for their delicate meat.

May we emphasise that the thrill of catching a crab is special; it's something that will make you feel one with nature. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to learn the art of crabbing!

From setting up the crab pots with enticing bait to the exhilarating moment of lifting up the pots to see your harvest for the day – you will experience it all! Trust your guide to teach you some useful tricks of the trade.

Catching a crab in Gold Coast is obviously not just about the number of crabs you catch; the giggles you share, the camaraderie with your group, the excitement that runs through your spine, that is what makes it an adventure to remember. And of course, the lovely meal that awaits you at the end of the day. From the river to your plate, it can’t get fresher than this!

Other Fun Activities

Well, as much fun as crab catching is, you cannot ignore the other activities you get to enjoy here. We will take a look at those:

Yabbie Pumping: Okay, yabbies are not crabs. They don’t have the starvalue of the latter, but their meat is also a local favourite. Hunting for yabbies is definitely super fun. With a yabbie pump, you will set out to extract these critters from their hiding spots in the riverbed. Yes, it is like a treasure hunt.

Yabbie pumping activity on a Tweed river cruise

Fishing: Come on, who doesn’t like some good ol’ fishing fun? The unparalleled joy of a catch tugging at your bait! Tweed River is a perfect fishing spot as it is home to a variety of fish species. You can try your hand at catching bream, flathead, whiting, and even the occasional mangrove jack or jewfish.

Guests on the tweed river cruise engaging in fishing activity

Pelican Feeding: At least once in your lifetime, do try the wild, wacky activity of feeding pelicans. It is entertaining to say the least. These big, magnificent birds gathering to enjoy a good meal is truly a sight to behold, and it is even more fun when you are the one who is serving the meal.

Guests feeding pelican while on a tweed river cruise

So you see, a crabby day on Tweed River is anything but a gloomy affair – just a great day full of unforgettable encounters with nature’s best. Come join the fun, because in Tweed River, every day is a 'crabby' good day!