Chasing Waves: When and Where To Go Surfing In Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise – just the name makes every surfer's heart skip a beat. It’s a holiday hotspot in Gold Coast, Queensland, where the sun, sea, and sand converge to create the ultimate playground for wave riders. If you’re eyeing the best wave breaks in Australia, then Surfers Paradise is the destination to be.

In this blog, we’re diving into the thrilling world of chasing waves in Surfers Paradise, uncovering the best surf seasons, best surf spots, and the best time to visit. So don your wetsuits, wax your boards, and jump right in!

Best time to go surfing?

Surfing in Gold Coast is a year-round thing, there’s so much swell here that you can catch a wave no matter when you visit. That said, the top-tier waves and surfing conditions are found in the winter and early autumn months. This is when the strong low pressure systems form off the southern parts of Oceania, resulting in monstrous groundswells that light up the west, southern and east coast. These months are also your best pick if a ton of people on the beach sounds like a nightmare to you!

Now, let’s take a closer peek at what each season is all about.

Surfin’ in Summer-style

Man catching a wave on Surfers Paradise

Let’s kick things off with summer, the season of endless sun, warm waters, and those iconic beach vibes the land Down Under is famous for. It’s the time of the year when Surfers Paradise becomes a surfer’s paradise, in the truest sense. More swell, more fun – what more could you ask for? And with the waves rolling in more consistently, it’s the best time for beginners to get their feet wet. The long sunny days means you can catch a wave, enjoy a barbie by the beach, and finish up with a sunset surf! Or, even enjoy a fun family day out on the waters aboard a Surfers Paradise river cruise. Talk about heaven on Earth!

You should also be wary that summer is peak tourism in the Gold Coast, and this means the beaches get crowded. So if you wanna avoid the crowds and shred a wave, then time your visit accordingly.

Autumn is a quiet achiever

Autumn may not be high on the hype list, but it’s still a pretty good time of the year to hit the waves, after all, it’s OZ we’re talking about. The crowds thin out, and the heats ease off,  it’s just you and the waves – the perfect time to work on your skills or catch your first green wave. The waters are still pleasantly warm, and the consistent swells ensure that you catch wave after wave.

It’s the perfect time to get your surfing lessons in Surfers Paradise. Autumn also ushers in a peaceful setting for your surfing shenanigans, with the sunsets becoming nothing short of spectacular!

Winter – guts and glory

Winter is when the magic happens. Although winter is not the best time for tropical beachgoers, it’s when the pros like to test their mettle. The southern swells start to take shape, and there are consistent clean waves with more power. In fact, studies have found that 33% of surfable waves are found in the month of June. It’s the prime time for intermediate and advanced surfers to showcase or polish their skills! Plus, there’s nothing quite like crisp mornings and warm coffee to amp you up for the chilly winter waves!

Springin’ not too much

Spring goes low on the list with relatively low swells, but not to say it’s bad. The waves are smaller across Australia, though locally created swells can create pretty awesome surfing conditions. But be alert, it can get messy; so practise your game of patience and wait for the right waves.

Where to surf in & around Surfers Paradise?

It’s inevitable that surfing tops the best things to do in Surfers Paradise, but if you don't know your way around the best wave breaks and point breaks, then it can get tricky.

Main Beach in Surfers Paradise

Main Beach is the best place to kick off your surfing adventure. With sandy banks and friendly waves, it’s all about having a good time here. Just keep in mind that it can get crowded during summer.

Burleigh Heads in Gold Coast

A Gold Coast gem known for its consistent barrels and challenging waves, Burleigh Heads was once the poster child of the Queensland surf scene. Catching a tube here is like a dream come true for surfers, plus there’s the cracking views from Burleigh Hill.

Superbank is Surfers Paradise on steroids – it’s where the big kids come to play. It’s down near Snapper Rocks and Coolangatta, and is famous for its long, right-hand point breaks and ten-second rune rides.

Kirra Point had some of the best waves in Gold Coast, before creating the Superbank. Nevertheless, the thrill it offers up off the sand-towering point by the Tweed River estuary is superior in its own rights.

Surfers Paradise is a wave-riding playground all year. Here, chasing waves isn’t a hobby, it’s a way of life, and each season brings its own magic. So, get ready to catch some waves, create memories and ride the tides in Surfers Paradise. It’s time to chase waves and live the dream!