Reef-sponsible Adventures At The Great Barrier Reef

Absolutely, no doubt about it, the Great Barrier Reef is ethereal! This natural wonder is the ultimate crib for so many different marine species. Some of them are veritable reef celebrities – you can’t find them anywhere else on the map. And, that’s not it! The Great Barrier Reef can be likened to a stubborn bouncer, keeping our coastlines safe from erosion and minimising the effect of storms. It also helps combat climate change with its unique ability to absorb and store carbon.

But here is the buzzkill: the Great Barrier Reef is in danger. Yep, you read that right. Climate change has put even the loveliest places on the planet in a tight spot. As responsible tourists and good Samaritans, it is our duty to help conserve this natural treasure. Let us tell you how!

Your Visits To The Great Barrier Reef Count

Snorkeling in the great barrier reefs

Well, abstinence is not the answer here. In fact, Cairns cruises to explore the reef are of great help for the bigger picture. How, you ask? Well, to enter the Reef you have to pay Environmental Management Charge or 'Reef Tax' (usually collected by the tour operators). This money is used by the Australian government to fund the conservation and various research projects on the Reef. So, come visit the Reef as much as you want, just be responsible and respectful towards nature.

Eco-Friendly Is The Way To Go

Turtles in the great barrier reef

Okay, time to embrace the ‘sustainability guru’ in you. While visiting the Great Barrier Reef, make sure you go for eco-friendly choices when it comes to accommodation and tour operators. You will find many options that go the extra mile to reduce their impact on the Reef and also help it thrive. Look for those experiences that are committed to minimising waste, conserving energy, and managing resources in a way that supports the Reef's ecosystem. Trust us, you do not need to leave any footprints here other than the ones on the sand.

Educate Yourself (And Others) 

Some cool facts about the vibrant corals, the curious marine species, and the incredible eco-system beneath the waves are some great conversation starters. Learn about the Great Barrier Reef and its inhabitants from experts!  Most cruises from Cairns have a well-qualified marine biologist who will happily help you become a ‘marine-know-it-all’. They will help you understand the reef ecosystem, its importance in the sustainability of our planet, and various measures taken to protect it. Do not keep the knowledge to yourself. Spread the word to educate your friends, siblings, and the world about the Great Barrier Reef!

Be As Sustainable As Possible On Your Visit

Let us start with the basics. Choosing an eco-friendly resort or cruise will not contribute much to the Reef conservation movement if you throw plastic bottles in the water or at the beach. So, do not litter. Carry reusable bottles for water and do not even think about plastic straws. 

And, the sunscreens that we generously apply on our body? Yeah, the chemicals in it can affect coral reproduction and growth cycle. Of course, you need sunscreen when you are at the Reef, but make sure that you get your hands on ‘coral-safe’ sunscreens. These are the ones that are non-nano and have a mineral-based formula. While snorkelling, be responsible. Do not try taking corals as keepsakes, avoid touching or standing on coral, be respectful towards the marine life, and do not feed them.

Alter Your Lifestyle To Be More Eco-Friendly

It does not matter if you are from Australia, but you making conscious sustainable choices in life contributes to the preservation of the Great Barrier Reef. Climate change is not a myth and we are all contributing to it in one way or the other. Let us start with small, but important, steps. Always remember that when it comes to plastics, the three Rs are the answer- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle as much as possible. You can avoid seafood that you know was sourced in ways that are harmful to the marine ecosystem. Do volunteer to clean the local beaches and cut down your carbon footprint as much as possible by choosing public transport and conserving energy at home.

The best kind of travellers are not the ones who have been to the most number of countries or witnessed all the natural wonders of the world. They are the ones who make conscious environment friendly choices while travelling and cause the least damage to the places they visit. They are the superheroes without capes. And guess what? You can join this league of extraordinary explorers, with or without capes of your own.

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