Why Gold Coast Is Australia's Favourite Holiday City

G’day mates! There’s no denying it – the Gold Coast is our top destination for even the smallest of breaks. It's that special city that always makes it onto every Aussie’s must-visit list, or a place we find excuses to revisit. Okay, maybe that's just us. Guilty as charged.

So, what makes the Gold Coast so special? Let’s find out!

Year-Round Sun Kissed Beaches 

You just cannot avoid beaches in Gold Coast, and who in their right mind would want to?  Think of it as your all-inclusive tropical dream: you’ve got golden sand, gentle waves, breathtaking sunsets, and a beach culture that’s just a blast. 

And the icing on the beach cake? Gold Coast has sunshine on tap! This means you don’t have to check your calendar, ever. 

Stunning surf break in Surfers Paradise

Honestly, iconic beaches like Surfers Paradise Beach, Burleigh Heads Beach, Broadbeach are like no other beaches in Australia. They are mandatory on your itinerary!

Venice In Australia

Did you know Gold Coast has the largest man-made canal network in the Southern Hemisphere? These canals are a unique and distinctive feature of Gold Coast; they weave through the city like liquid streets. 

The intricate canal system in Gold Coast

Gold Coast cruises are the most obvious and convenient choice of transport to explore these canals. The fancy mansions that line them, will definitely make your jaw drop – the private boat jetties, boat ramps, yachts et al. These charming canals give us a taste of Venice right here in Australia. How lovely is that!

Adrenaline-Pumping Activities 

If you crave excitement, the Gold Coast has so much to offer! With its iconic breaks, consistent swells, and stunning beaches, it’s truly a surfer’s paradise. Here, surfing is a way of life, not just another water sport. You won’t find a better place in Australia to start your surfing journey than the Gold Coast.

A surfer riding the wave in style

Jet skiing, parasailing, paddleboarding, and kayaking are also extremely popular here. And how can we not mention the thrilling theme parks in Gold Coast when they are the pulse of action here. These parks redefine your idea of excitement and exhilaration, with towering roller coasters and daredevil water slides that'll make your heart race faster than a speedboat.

If your idea of adventure is more in tune with nature, Gold Coast also offers the thrill of ‘crab catching’. Get aboard a Tweed River cruise and catch some crabs! You can also pump yabbies or fish to your heart’s content here! 

Escape to Hinterland

In case you need an escape from the hustle and bustle of urban Gold Coast, the lush and serene Gold Coast Hinterland awaits. This hidden gem just a short drive from the coastal strip, is a whole ‘nother world. With dramatic landscapes, cascading waterfalls, pristine wilderness, the Hinterland is heaven for anyone who seeks solace in nature’s embrace.

For hikers and casual strollers alike, the hinterlands offer a range of trails. Explore the bushwalking trails of Lamington National Park, that will  take you deep into the heart of rainforests and the rich biodiversity of the region. Gold Coast Hinterland is a place where time slows down, where the wonders of nature unfold before your eyes, reminding us all of the timeless beauty that surrounds us.

Gold Coast’s unique blend of sun-kissed beaches, urban lifestyle, hinterland escapes and thrilling adventures make it a destination like no other. And that’s it – the Gold Coast magic that pulls us back in – catering to every traveller's desires and dreams. It is the very magic that makes us ask the same question time and again, “When do we go back?”