• Since 1987, Sydney Showboats operate cabaret dinner cruises combining the spectacular sights of Sydney Harbour with entertainment.
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  • Magistic Cruises operate sightseeing, lunch and dinner cruises on the harbour, and are the most popular for private charters.
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  • Tallship Cruises offer a selection of watersports at McLarens Landing, South Stradbroke Island, including speed boat rides, paraflying, jet skiing, seaplane flights.
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  • Sydney Value Cruises provides exceptional value to both locals and international tourists and gives them the opportunity to cruise.
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Australian Cruise GROUP

Australian Cruise Group is a national tourism and leisure group that owns, manages and operates innovative cruise and leisure experiences across Australia. Our extensive portfolio of investment spread across the eastern seaboard of Australia on the world famous Sydney Harbour and The Great Barrier Reef.

The group also has a diversified interest in the tourism and online marketing space as well as innovative tourism technology.

Our cruise experiences are considered to be the benchmark in quality cruising, catering to the needs of the high end, international, domestic and corporate markets. Our leading brands of exceptional cruising are household names - Sydney Showboats & Magistic Cruises.

What sets us apart is our ability to continuously innovate and implement an online marketing strategy in the current changing tourism landscape, supported by our proprietary, technologically advanced tourism enterprise solution.

Our greatest strength is our committed team of management professionals who have been with the company for many, many years and are highly focused on achieving outcomes in a competitive and fun environment.

Our team continuously strives to provide an exceptional value for money experience at every touch point of the guests' experience with us, setting the highest benchmarks across the industry.

Our company philosophy from the very beginning has always been to continuously innovate, finding new and exciting ways to do things – especially in terms of putting our guests first.

Over the past 25 years, the group has established extensive relationships across all inbound tourism markets.

Contact us today to find out more information about joining our large portfolio of tourism experiences.

Online Affiliates

Welcome to Cruising Restaurants of Sydney, the home of Sydney's exceptional dining cruise experiences on Sydney Harbour.

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TourChief is a dedicated online travel website promoting cruises, tours and attractions across Australia to the worldwide consumer.

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Sydney Harbour Charter Cruises specialise in creating unforgettable events – from astonishing themed corporate events to amazing parties that exceed your expectations.
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Australia Wide Whale Watching Cruises offer great whale watching experiences in the best whale watching locations around Australia!

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The romance of Sydney Harbour is without a doubt spectacular and when it comes to waterfront weddings, detail is everything.

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  • "

  • Ken Swain (President, Federation of Naval Ship Assns)

    October 10, 2013; IFR Naval Veterans Cruises

    "I did not want to let another day pass without offering my sincere thanks to all connected with the arrangements for approximately 1,560 Naval Veterans who booked... "

  • Valentine Tyson

    October 8, 2013; Centenary Lunch Cruise

    "Just a short email to thank you for the great service you and your colleagues provided to me during the last few months. The cruise was brilliant, brilliant day... "

  • Clem & Sue Payne

    October 8, 2013; Centenary Dinner Cruise

    "Just wanted to thank you all for a fabulous night on Saturday - everything was spot on and we really enjoyed it, can you also thank Brian Gray for us too. "

  • Adrian Farquhar

    October 5, 2013;

    "We were treated as if the only couple in the world i would reccomend to anyone a great experiance "

  • Adrian Farquhar

    October 5, 2013; Ballroom Fireworks Cruise

    "We were treated as if the only couple in the world i would recommend to anyone a great experience. "

  • Lynda Dodds

    October 5, 2013; Showboat Fireworks Cruise

    "Attentive , friendly and well organized., from check in until finish. Noticed the elderly were gently assisted aboard, everyone was boarded in an orderly and efficient manner... "

  • Paula Drew

    October 4, 2013; Showboat Coffee Cruise

    "I wish to record my congratulations on the organisation of our wonderful Friday morning coffee cruise on Showboat on Friday 4th October... "

  • Sarah Colussi

    July 6, 2013; Showboat Dinner

    "Went on the cruise for my 21st birthday. All my party guests had a great night, from the very entertaining magician to the show itself, and of course the food, everything was fantastic."

  • Kirsty Mcconville

    June 28, 2013; Magistic Dinner

    "Really wonderful evening. Will absolutely recommend and be back ourselves!"

  • Andrea Hunter

    July 5, 2013; Showboat Dinner

    "We were thrilled with the beautiful food, friendly, helpful staff and fantastic show and magician. Overall a wonderful experience that we would recommend and love to do again."

  • Phoebe Thompson

    June 25, 2013; Magistic Dinner

    "The wait staff were extremely friendly and made my night I would recommend this cruise to anybody we all had a great night and enjoyed every minute of it."

  • Mel Poppell

    July 3, 2013; Showboat Dinner

    "I didn't know what to expect but it was a fantastic experience and will definitely be recommending it and would come again when I visit Sydney next."

  • Cameron Doyle

    June 9, 2013; Magistic Dinner

    "AVery well priced one happy customer very relaxing enjoyable cruise will be cruising again next time on the show boat"

  • Trevor Fletcher

    July 3, 2013; Showboat Dinner

    "Thank you for a very, good night we all loved it will come back. Thank you"

  • Tara-Lee Player

    June 8, 2013; Magistic Dinner

    "Overall I thought the cruise was a fantastic experience. We both thought the photos were a nice little touch too!"

  • Sonya Moran

    June 28, 2013; Showboat Dinner

    "The dancers were especially lovely to my 12 year birthday girl. I would really like to thank them for making her day"

  • Randolph Evarts

    June 8, 2013; Magistic Dinner

    "We had an enjoyable cruise, friendly crew and will look forward to going on another cruise shortly. Well done by all concerned."

  • Daniel Hobday

    June 15, 2013; Showboat Dinner

    "We had the best dinner experience ever! It was way better than expected and the meals were amazing. All staff were friendly and performers are outstanding."

  • Maria de Sousa

    June 6, 2013; Magistic Dinner

    "It was a very enjoyable experience and we had a great time. Thank you!"

  • Annette Coulter

    June 15, 2013; Showboat Dinner

    "Thank you for making my Hens night a truly memorable experience! Everything was perfect."

  • Michael Aquilina

    June 1, 2013; Magistic Dinner

    "Thanks team, we had a great night, service was brilliant from the initial contact with your call centre. We will definitely be back. Thanks again."

  • Sarah Marinovic

    June 8, 2013; Showboat Dinner

    "We had a great night. The staff were lovely, especially the performers. "

  • Robert Eades

    Maye 26, 2013; Magistic Dinner

    "Both my wife and I were very impressed with the whole experience. Thank you to you and your staff."

  • Sue Holliday

    June 1, 2013; Showboat Dinner

    "I would like to thank all the staff for making our evening a great celebration for my mothers 80th birthday. Thankyou to everyone.... A wonderful evening. "

  • Randy Millis

    April 19, 2013; Magistic Dinner

    "Great experience. Great value. Had a very enjoyable evening."

  • Lee Harvey

    May 25, 2013; Showboat Dinner

    "A very good night out, fantastic entertainment made even better with the Vivid Light Show across the Harbour"

  • Rose Galea

    April 17, 2013; Magistic Dinner

    "Had a great night will do it again. Thanks"

  • Stephen Goddard

    May 24, 2013; Showboat Dinner

    "Awesome, Excellent, Fantastic night out. Very Professional Crew Many Thanks"

  • Jevin Seeckun

    April 17, 2013; Magistic Dinner

    "I booked the cruise on the occasion of my wife graduation. We will definitely come back again and will recommend it to family and friends."

  • Haley Thomson

    May 25, 2013; Showboat Dinner

    "Very impressed, lovely food good entertainment, really enjoyed the magic tricks. Overall had a great time and would recommend it."

  • Jon McCarron

    April 14, 2013; Magistic Dinner

    "Fantastic - Great Service, Great Food, Great Weather!!"

  • Jaclyn Schwieterman

    May 23, 2013; Showboat Dinner

    "Our group from the USA was very pleased with the Showboat cruise! It was a great time and enjoyed by all. We really enjoyed being able to sit close to the stage too!"

  • Pauline Walker

    April 12, 2013; Magistic Dinner

    "Our experience was lovely, we enjoyed alfresco dining and outdoor viewing the harbour which to us was a must!"

  • Helen Nicholson

    May 23, 2013; Showboat Dinner

    "We all had a great time. The food was superb, the staff were extremely helpful and friendly, they were on hand for any request."

  • Kelly Spiteri

    April 5, 2013; Magistic Dinner

    "We had a fabulous night. What an experience, thank you!"

  • E Pomissi

    May 23, 2013; Showboat Dinner

    "This was given to us as a gift for our 50th Wedding Anniversary and we had a wonderful time."

  • Craig Coulter

    April 4, 2013; Magistic Dinner

    "We had a great night of entertainment on the harbour which far exceeded our expectations."

  • Karen Santiago

    May 23, 2013; Showboat Dinner

    "As always,an enjoyable night. The meal was fabulous and the atmosphere fun. We always enjoy going on the Showboat and look forward to future nights out when them. "

  • Johanna Bennetts

    March 20, 2013; Magistic Dinner

    "Fantastic evening had overseas guests and it could not be better, amazing thanks to all."

  • Maria Domino

    May 18, 2013; Showboat Dinner

    "Thank you sooooo much! Will definitely be back "

  • Miroslav Mijovic

    March 5, 2013; Magistic Dinner

    "Great show; Good value for the money!"

  • Linda Pink

    May 16, 2013; Showboat Dinner

    "We took a group of 14 on board and had an absolute ball. Loved the entertainers and the magician/mc was very entertaining. we would do it again. "

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