Rockingham Wild Encounters Swim With Wild Dolphins
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As Sydney Harbour’s premier cruise operator the health and safety of our guests and crew is our highest priority. As such we have implemented rigorous infection control procedures to ensure the safety, health and hygiene of everyone onboard.

Rockingham Wild Encounters Swim With Wild Dolphins

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Rockingham, WA

Cruise Inclusions

  • 3hr to 6hr cruise  on a purpose-built luxury vessel
  • Wetsuits, mask, snorkel &  snorkelling lessons
  • Light lunch and refreshments are served on board
  • Tea, coffee, hot chocolate & fresh water

Cruise Menu

  • Light lunch

Cruise Beverages

  • Tea, coffee, hot chocolate & fresh water 

Cruise Highlights & Points of Interest

  • Get up-close with wild dolphins
  • Photos of your cruise are uploaded to Flikr for you to share
  • If you don’t swim with dolphins, come again for free
  • Luxury vessel with toilets & showers onboard

Cruise Additional Information

  • Please note it is the responsibility of the person booking the cruise on behalf of any others to ensure that all participants are aware of all conditions and cancellation fees for the Swim with Wild Dolphins Cruise

Cancellations must be made in writing (post or email) and received by Rockingham Wild Encounters before the time constraints below: 
  • Bookings of 3 or less passengers- cancellations or amendments within 48 hours of departure are charged 50% of cruise cost. Cancellations or amendments within 24 hours of departure or failure to attend are charged 100% of cruise costs
  • Bookings of 4 or more passengers- cancellations or amendments within 7 days of departure are charged 50% of cruise cost. Cancellations or amendments within 48 hours of departure or failure to attend are charged 100% of cruise costs 
  • All passengers will be required to sign a waiver of liability at check in prior to participating in the dolphin swim
  • Please be aware that our cruises are visiting wild dolphins in their natural environment and passengers should never assume that we have any control over the dolphins appearance or behaviors. Our crew will make every effort to ensure the best possible dolphin encounters on the day, however, in the unlikely event that we don't see or swim with dolphins on a cruise, this does not make you eligible for a refund. Our wild dolphin guarantee applies and allows passengers to book again free of charge for another date within the current season (subject to availability)
  • In the interest of crew and passenger safety, RWE crew will be wearing Shark Shields. Shark Shields website advises that 'Direct contact with, or very close proximity to the antenna, may cause twitching of the surface muscles of the skin, in time with the slow pulsing of the signal. The conductive field readily travels through seawater, it being a better conductor than the human body. thus the field tends to surround the body rather than penetrate it. Scientific tests show that the type of signal generated by the Shark Shield is unable to pass through the body tissues, unlike radio waves or microwaves that readily penetrate the body, and therefore it poses no health problems for users. However, anyone with any health condition which could increase their sensitivity to the fields created by the Shark Shield should not use the device. Such conditions include heart disease, a history of heart attack, peripheral vascular disease, stroke, a history of fainting or epilepsy, lung disease, or if the user is on any prescription drugs that are administered for these conditions. People who have pacemakers or are pregnant must not use the Shark Shield and should avoid swimming near any other person using the Shark Shield

Website Terms of Service

  • These Terms and Conditions set out the terms on which you (on behalf of yourself and any person on whose behalf you are booking, together "you" or "your") book through Australian Cruise Group Pty Ltd ABN 89 152 554 302 (referred to as, we, us and our, in these Terms and Conditions) for all bookings, reservations, products and cruises operated by us including Sydney Showboats, Magistic Cruises, Cruising Restaurants of Sydney, Magistic Events, and any other cruises, websites, operations or entities operated by us. These Terms and Conditions constitute the agreement between you and us.
  • Individual bookings (less than 6 guests): Requires a full payment at the time of the booking. These bookings are 100% non-refundable.
  • Group bookings (6 guests or more): The guest has a choice to pay a 20% deposit to confirm the booking, if the cruise date is more than 14 days in advance. The customer must confirm the final number of guests 7 days prior to the cruise date and are required a full and final payment. Credit will be issued for any reduction in final passenger numbers up to 7 days prior to the cruise date.
  • Change cruise date (transfer your booking): Any request to transfer a booking to another date must be made 72 hours prior to the cruise date. Such transfer of bookings are subject to availability of seats at the same price for the new cruise date. If the price is higher for the new cruise date, you will be required to pay the difference in addition to the minimum transfer fee.
  • Transfer fee: There is a $20 per person minimum transfer fee will apply. New Year’s Eve cruise tickets cannot be transferred to a different date.
  • Please note that whilst we are delighted to welcome well-behaved children on board our vessels/cruising restaurants (excluding Clearview boats), we do not provide high chairs due to safety reasons. If you have infants, like an airline, you must book and pay the relevant price and declare at time of booking, as they must be included in the manifest. If infants are booked, we will facilitate extra space for stroller or pram on request.
  • All cruise fares are quoted in Australian Dollars and include Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST).
  • We reserve the right, if we consider necessary (for example, due to mechanical breakdown, for safety reasons or weather conditions), to substitute vessels without notice (including any vessels of a third party), deviate from a vessels advertised route, change any menu, service, schedule, program, performance or cruise fare. We will endeavour to provide a similar quality vessel, route, menu, service, schedule, program, performance or cruise fare (as the case may be) in these circumstances. In such circumstances, we will not be liable for your direct or indirect loss, or to refund any fares or portions of fares, nor will we be liable for any other damage, loss, expense, loss of time, disappointment, inconvenience, or any other consequential loss suffered by you.
  • Requests from our guests for dietary requirements (gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free), substitutions and modifications of menus on board our cruises will be politely declined, as our kitchen team prepares the meals in our onboard kitchens. As we cater for large number of guests in a relatively small meal time, it is not practical for us to accommodate to such requests within the given time frame. All of our cruises have at least on vegetarian menu option for seated & served menus. Buffet menus also offer vegetarian choice. We cannot guarantee that certain products or ingredients (halal, nuts, gluten, diary, etc.) will not be in our food, and we explicitly accept no liability in this regard. For serious food allergies you must make own decisions on selecting meals. Our staff’s comments are only to assist you in making an informed decision.
    decision. In exceptional circumstances, with our prior written consent you (or one of your guests) may bring your own meal.
  • Our cruises operate on busy waterways and are subject to the risks and perils of cruising on such waterways including loss, damage and injury arising out of or in connection with changing tidal and weather conditions and the navigation of other craft. To the extent permissible by law, we will not be responsible in tort, contract or otherwise for any loss or damage arising out of injury or death sustained by you or any other passenger, howsoever arising and whether or not arising as a result of our negligence or failure to render due care and skill. You enter into this agreement and book and travel on our cruises at your own risk. If however any guarantees, terms, conditions or warranties are implied into this agreement by any law of the Commonwealth or New South Wales, the exclusion of which would contravene that law or cause part or all of this clause to be void, then to the extent permissible by law:

    (a) We exclude all other guarantees, terms, conditions and warranties; and
    (b) Our liability for breach of such guarantee, term, condition or warranty is limited to the supply of the relevant cruise again or the cost of re-supplying the cruise.
  • We exclude all liability for any loss or damage to clothing or personal items/belongings howsoever arising and whether or not our liability arises in tort, contract or otherwise.
  • Some of the tours, products and cruises we operate may be considered dangerous and you should be aware of the risks involved before participating, which may include injury or death. Where the tours, products and cruises include activities that could be considered dangerous, you assume all of the inherent risks which are applicable to those activities. Certain medical conditions and medications may preclude you from participating in activities and you are responsible for confirming your ability to participate. You must use caution when participating in activities and inform us of any medical or other conditions.
  • It is a condition of this agreement that any claim for loss or damage must be notified to us in writing within seven (7) days from the day the cruise finishes, and any court action, suit or proceeding must be brought no later than one (1) year from the same day. If you fail to comply with either of these conditions, we will be forever discharged from all claims, suits, actions and/or proceedings relating to or arising out of or in any way connected with the cruise and we will be discharged from all liability whatsoever, including any liability for negligence.
  • We may contract or arrange for third parties to provide the whole or part of the cruise and any related services to you. You must not bring any claims or actions against such third parties. If you bring such a claim or action in breach of this agreement, you agree to indemnify us and the person against whom the claim or action is made against the consequences of that claim or action. You agree that in entering into this agreement, we are acting as the agent of and trustee for each of our employees, officers, agents and subcontractors, and each of these persons is deemed to be a party to the contract for the purpose of entitling each of them to enforce, have the benefit of and rely upon these Terms and Conditions.
  • You must not bring any alcohol or illegal substances onto the vessel. We reserve the right to refuse you entry to the vessel, or to require you to disembark from the vessel, including due to your intoxication or for the safety of other passengers or the vessel.
  • This agreement is to be governed by and is to be construed in accordance with the laws in force in New South Wales. Any action, claim, suit or proceeding arising out of or connected in any way with this agreement or the cruise will only be brought in the Courts of New South Wales.
  • If any of these provisions are unenforceable, this shall not affect the enforceability of any other part of the provision or any other provision. In the event of inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and any other terms, these Terms and Conditions will prevail to the extent of the inconsistency. No waiver or variation of this agreement will have binding effect unless such waiver or agreement is in writing and signed by us.
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Rockingham Wild Encounters Swim With Wild Dolphins

The sheltered bays of Rockingham is sure to entice you with their azure waters and scenic precincts. The spectacular Rockingham Dolphin cruise will take you on a journey of adventure and wonder.  

The sheltered bays of Rockingham where dolphins swim in plenty is perfect place to start with. Before long into the cruise, you will be able to spot some of the over 200 local dolphins who call this haven their home. The silver dorsal fins breaking the surface of the water only a few metres from the boat is the time to suit up. The amiable crew will be more than happy to help you with putting on the mask, wetsuit and other snorkelling gears. Be comfortable on the swim deck until the boat stops at the right position to take the plunge. The energetic skipper will call out the command you have been waiting for. Enter the world below the waves surrounded by whistles, splashes and laughter. Swim with these cute mammals and watch them whistling alongside you showcasing their charm.  

Don’t know to swim? Not an issue, the professional & friendly crew will assist you throughout the experience providing an unforgettable and exhilarating encounter.   

The cruise also includes a light lunch, tea, coffee, hot chocolate and other refreshments to keep your hunger pangs at bay.

NOTE: Please approach each encounter with caution and respect. These wild dolphins are friendly and it is reflected in our 99% success rate. Never assume that we have control over the dolphins’ behaviours or appearance.
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