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Boxing Day

Sporting events and bargain sales rule the day!

Boxing Day in Sydney is a fun day after Christmas that is celebrated with outdoor activities and sporting events, not to mention shopaholics taking to the streets in search of the best bargain sales!
Boxing Day celebrations were traditionally in honour of the age-old practice of employers spending 26 December boxing Christmas gifts for their employees. Today, there’s definitely a blurring of traditional reasons, but nevertheless, it’s been retained as a public holiday and a great day to celebrate!

Boxing Day heralds a cricket Test match between Australia and other national teams touring Australia around that time. Though the match is held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, you’ll find many Sydney locals glued to the big screen, beers in hand!

You’ll also find Sydney Harbour bustling with activity in preparation for the Bluewater Classic – a yacht race that flags off in Sydney and ends in Hobart, Tasmania. Yachts of yesteryear took about six days to reach Hobart, but with technological advancements, the fastest yachts today cross the finish line in less than two days! These Boxing Day sporting events are extremely popular thanks to the immense media attention as well.

And, if you’re a bargain hunter, what’s not to love about post-Christmas sales that begin on Boxing Day! Stores and retailers offer big discounts on their top brands as well as excess stock, and you’ll find determined shoppers queuing up before the sun is out to make the most of the bargain sales.

So, save some of that Christmas spirit and make the most of Boxing Day!

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