Boxing Day Events In And Around Sydney

Sporting events and bargain sales rule the day!

Boxing Day finds its origins in UK during the Middle Ages. It is so named after the alms collection boxes placed outside churches to be opened and distributed among the underprivileged the day after Christmas. Currently though, Boxing Day events have slowly evolved to scheduled sporting events and great bargains. Being a public holiday and a perfect reason to celebrate, there’s a variety of Boxing Day events around Sydney that you could participate in! 

Family-friendly Boxing Day Activities: 

  • A Boxing Day cruise is a fairly popular way to make the most of the public holiday and enjoy harbour views as you spend the day eating and making merry with family and friends. 
  • Pack a picnic and head down to the harbour foreshore to enjoy the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race as a front-row spectator with your family!

Solo traveller Boxing Day Activities: 

  • Follow the most conventional Boxing Day traditions for Australians by watching the test match on 26th December. Even though you may not be able to watch it on the ground, enjoy from your couch at home or a sports bar in Sydney. The energy is just as electric without spending the extra bucks.
  • Cure your post-Christmas hangover with a relaxing therapeutic day at Bondi Beach- beers, BBQ, sun, sand and surf. 
  • If you’ve been waiting all-year long for the bargains that comes with Boxing Day, fight the crowds and complete that much-awaited shopping spree. If your agoraphobia is getting the best of you, bypass the crowds and enjoy shopping from the comfort of your home by shopping online.

Couple Boxing Day Activities: 

  • A romantic Boxing Day Cruise along the picturesque Sydney Harbour is all you need to rekindle your romance!
  • Nursing the post-Christmas hangovers with a staycation and a luxury spa day in a hotel or resort nearby seems like the best way to reboot for the New Year revelry
  • If you both would like to extend a helping hand to those in need, volunteer at a local shelter and extend gratitude onto the universe. 

So retain some of that Christmas spirit and enjoy Boxing Day with the company of family and friends, your partner or by yourself in the wonderful city of Sydney. 


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