All About Dinner & Lunch Cruises On Sydney Harbour

Everything you need to know about a dining cruise on Sydney Harbour

Planning to go on a cruise in Sydney?
Dining out in a bustling city always calls for some prep. Not only will the local joints be crowded and the high-end ones booked out if you don’t plan in advance, you’ll also miss the chance to try out new dining options. Read on for a quick previewof how dining on a lunch or dinner cruise in Sydney is different from your regular restaurant outing.

Harbour Cruise Or Restaurant Dining...Take your pick!
When talking of dining experiences in Sydney, do you prefer a usual dine out at your favourite restaurant or a contrasting one aboard a grand dinner or lunch cruise in Sydney. If you are all about the former, read through points below and you’re sure to change your mind!
  • While local restaurants and eating joints in the city and around the harbour offer great ambience without doubt, you’ll still be surrounded by all the hustle and bustle of the busy city. A lunch/dinner cruise on the other hand gives you a break from all the city noise for an experience similar to a dining getaway, right in the centre of the city!
  • Views from restaurants bordering on Sydney Harbour promise to be good, but aboard a Sydney Harbour cruise you get to enjoy not one, but numerous roving views of all attractions surrounding the harbour. As you cruise by, a Sydney Harbour dinner or lunch cruise is sure to offer unique sights of Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House from many different angles too!
  • Nurturing a budding photographer within? If so, you’ll surely be looking forward to click some great snaps of your dining experience and the glory of the city. When it comes to photo ops, a Sydney Harbour dinner/lunch cruise has the upper hand over a regular dine-out. Aboard a cruise, you get to capture night views of Sydney city and all its attractions from countless vantage points. A waterfront restaurant will only offer a handful of those. To add to it, the luxurious setting and the distinctive interior of your cruise, with a waterscape backdrop, also promises a bunch of spectacular images.
  • Sydney is never short of places offering remarkable culinary experiences. That said, with a variety of cuisines and restaurant-quality dining options, a cruise is always one step-ahead of a waterfront restaurant owing to the venue. If you can have an elaborate multi-course seated and served dinner/lunch on a cruise, why go for a normal one at your usual restaurant?
  • It’s true that we are all a bit cautious when it comes to the price tag and its effect on our wallet. A dining cruise, though promising an unforgettable experience, may seem expensive to you at first. What you need to know is that Sydney Harbour dinner/lunch cruises come in all sorts of packages available on seasonal deals too! Keep an eye out for a good bargain and you’ll cruise by Sydney without putting a dent in your pocket, for sure.
  • Can’t wait to devote your undivided attention to your loved ones or the special person in your life? With hectic schedules tying everyone down all round the year, you’re not alone! Dinner cruises offer an intimate experience with your family or loved one, offering both privacy and comfort. A restaurant surrounded by loud streets and noisy crowds may fail at offering the same. Be it a family celebration or an anniversary night, you’ll love the air of exclusivity offered on a cruise!
These pointers surely tell you why lunch/dinner cruises overrule the choice of contemporary diners looking for a special evening with innovative dine-outs, close to the heels. So when are you booking your dinner or lunch cruise in Sydney to liven up a boring evening? Plan ahead and save big!
Posted on September 21, 2019